Beautiful Baby Shoes As a Reflection of Personal Style

By the time most adults become parents, they have already developed their personal style and this might influence how they dress their kids. Some moms spend hours looking for Beautiful Baby Shoes that fit their personal taste just so their child looks good and presentable. The fashion industry is big and worth billions of dollars. At the same time, there are some people who do not particularly pay attention to fashion and it’s little nuances. And then there are those who are interested but do not know where to start. So how does one know what their personal style is? I bet you’ve heard the phrase “personal style” before. Maybe you’ve even tried to think about what your personal style is and gave up after two minutes because it just seemed too complicated to summarize it into one sentence or sometimes two words. Urban chic, classic soul, hipster chic, vintage-inspired etc. Whatever you think your personal style is and if you are still unsure, starting somewhere is always a good idea.

Regardless of what life throws at us, it’s important to be able to adapt while still maintaining a style that is all our own. The impact of personal style goes far beyond making a good first impression; great style is also about approaching each day with confidence, and the ability to feel legitimately beautiful in what we are wearing and the right wardrobe can make a difference in that department. Besides Beautiful Baby Shoes there are also stylish items for both adults and some for kids that can help define an outfit and still fit into the personal style of the parent or kid (if they are old enough).

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans used to be infamous back in the day for being dated and for being worn only by suburban moms (hence the name). But today mom jeans are back and are even more popular than before and are highly sort after by a younger more fashionable demographic. How time changes right?

While the media and fashion houses market it as a new trendy item for young girls the moms are the original fashionistas who knew that mom jeans were a gem all along. For young moms, this is a wardrobe staple item that must be embraced. Besides their obvious fashionable qualities, mom jeans are easy to wear, easy to move around in, airy and very manageable and yes easy to style. For moms chasing toddlers around, carrying babies, bending to pick up toys, driving around on errands and school runs, the mom jeans is one of the best items wear. Stores now carry even more variety options with some mom jeans covered in embroidery, distressed, mid-length and tons of other options. You can find a pair that shows your personality and sense of style and you can wear it with a simple blouse or t-shirt or dress it up with a blazer.

Skinny Jeans

Sister to the mom jeans once celebrated now not so much but still has a target market is the skinny jeans. They will always be a favorite because they are easy to style and they give that clean-cut look that we all need on some days. Skinny jeans don’t always have to be the classic blue denim look, they can also be colorful or in a print like plaid. Also, white denim is great. I’ve never seen anyone that looked bad on white denim. No one!


Plaid is a seasoned favorite for fall. When wearing a pair of printed skinny jeans, keep the rest of the look simple and stick to smaller prints on a well-tailored pair. You can style your skinny jeans with Ankle Booties. One of the most classic ways to wear skinny jeans is tucking a slim-fit pair into booties. They will make your legs look longer and give you that very put together look. In terms of how to style any skinny jeans one look, you can always fall to is pairing them with oversized sweaters. When wearing a top with an exaggerated shape, cut, or size, skinny jeans will maintain your proportions and give you a shape and this creates balance. If you are daring enough, you can also get skinny jeans with cuffed hems. Ankle-length is the newest trend in length, but that doesn’t mean you have to run to the tailor to update your denim drawer. Fake a pair of skimmers by tucking your hems inside until you hit the desired length, which should be just above the ankle bone. This length looks great with every shoe.

If you don’t want to be too adventurous or if you work all the time, then work appropriate skinny jeans are the way to go. Black jeans are perhaps the most versatile item we firmly believe you need. They’re easily dressed up for the office or down for any day-to-day event. Black shoes will elongate your legs, but we especially love leopard or snakeskin with a classic black jean or even nude for that classic powerful office look.


In figuring out your personal style, the most important thing is to understand your body shape and know the silhouettes that are always flattering on you. Taking pictures as well as looking in the mirror will help spot the silhouettes that you should rely on (is it mom jeans or skinny or flared or all three? You decide). If you pay close attention to celebrities with similar shapes to you, then you’ll be able to spot the silhouettes that always work for them.

Also, it’s ok to have a uniform style that you fall back on. The word “uniform” might sound terribly boring, but many of the most stylish women we know have one, whether that’s for weekends, work or every single day.  And just because you have a formula that you know you can always rely on doesn’t mean that it always has to look the same, as you can play with variations, pair with unlikely accessories like stand out bags or hats or just use this as an outfit to fall back on when you can’t decide what to wear.